Thursday, August 11, 2011

Omnium and Sprint Tournament at Encino Velodrome...

If you think, after reading the title of this post, that I made it out to the velodrome to watch some racing last night you would be correct. It has been years since I last sat those rickety old bleachers, watched the sunset beyond that big concrete oval, and shivered in the cold night air. That's right cold night air, it was freaking cold by the time I left. It is also a shame that it has taken so long to return, because the racing was exciting, and it was fun sitting in the seriously packed stands with a big group of spectators who were completely into the action, cheering for their favorites, laughing at some little thing of notice, chowing on some barbeque, etc. After a recent couple break-ins at the facility it was good to see so many people come out in support.

The races last night were sponsored by Golden Saddle Cyclery in Encino, and were part of the Summer Race Series. There are two more Wednesday night events on the calendar, and shouldn't be missed if you have the opportunity. Not only do you get to see some good racing, have a fun evening (a trip to the velodrome was one of the first dates I had with my wife, back in the day), and you help support a worthy institution and volunteer organization (who by the way did a great job of keeping things lively and moving).

Some highlights, well the sprints for one - there were some ripping fast circuits being ridden. One guy, don't know his name, but he is a familiar face at So Cal races, road and track, pulled out of his left pedal while flying around the track, and finished up one legged, managing to control himself and his bike. The organizers let him go again later. Then as we were headed out, my wife kindly picked up one of those cool Save The Track Bike tee-shirts for me. 

If you want more, follow the link, or better yet stop by the track during the final two events of the series, August 24, or September 7.


  1. Michael, you won something awesome in the raffle! Send me an e-mail at ridetheblackline gmail dot com so I can tell you how to claim your prizes.

    Thanks for your support! I hope you can make it again next time.

  2. Wow, I can't wait to hear about your winnings! One of these nights, I am going to get out there.

  3. They definitely had some nice prizes in their raffle. You will find out what was won, but not until I get my grubby hands on the prize. It is a lot of fun out there, and plan to make it to at least one of the final two in the series. Of course there are some big weekend races coming up too.


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