Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Get Well Mayor Pedroza...

I have received a report that Claremont Mayor and City Councilman, Sam Pedroza was involved in a bicycling crash on Tuesday night, and was airlifted to County USC Medical Center. His injuries are considered serious, but not life threatening. His condition is stable. No additional details are available at this time. Sam is often seen riding around town on weekends, and is a frequent commuter, taking a route between home and work in Whittier. My thoughts are with him and his family right now. Mr. Pedroza has been a major factor in recent bicycle related improvements within the city, as well as talks to extend the Gold Line to Claremont. Heal well, we would like to see back on two-wheels soon.

Update: Some reports are saying that Mayor Pedrosa crashed into the back of a parked utility vehicle along Arrow Highway, and was thrown from his bike. The incident occurred about 8:30 pm last night (Tuesday). There is no word, or speculation, as to what might have caused him to crash into the back of the parked vehicle. Speeds along Arrow were recently increased, (due to state mandate, and over the objections of local residents), and there is an often narrow right lane, making the street less friendly to bicycle travel. Whatever the cause, the Mayor suffered two cracked neck vertebrae, a fractured nose and some deep lacerations to his face, which will require some reconstructive surgery. I, like many Claremont residents, have come to know Sam as among the most friendly and approachable of public figures, and wish him the best during his recovery.

Update: Sometimes it is easiest just to wait until all information is in, but... it is appearing that Sam, while passing a vehicle parked on Arrow Highway, clipped it with his handlebars, which caused him to crash. There is no indication at this time as to what caused this - a moment of inattentiveness, being startled by a passing vehicle, an obstacle in the path of travel - we all know there are any number of reason which might cause a rider to crash. Slicks on the road surface and cracks are some of my personal favorites, which have brought me to grief on numerous occasions. There are any number of possible causes, and the final police report is not expected for 7 to 10 days. Mayor Pedroza did have some surgery for the lacerations, and is reported to be resting comfortably. Well wishes are being left here (yes, I count him as one of the readers of my blog), city hall, and his Facebook page.


  1. Hey Sam, hope you get well soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! City of Claremont needs you back at the helm. Your friends, Sergio Martinez and family.

  2. Get better my bike booster buddy. Michael Keenan


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