Saturday, November 6, 2010

UCI Los Angeles Cyclocross, Day 1...

Cyclocross at Griffith Park. Pretty nice venue with a course guaranteed to deal out plenty of pain and suffering. Not a lot of flat any direction you looked, you were either headed up or down, tight corners, off-camber turns, slippery mulched racing surfaces, some turf thrown in to further sap your strength, and some quality adversaries, led to some fierce competition.
Chris Horner would finish the race in 9th after making up a lot of ground after making contact with the ground early on. 

a mass of sho-air riders

the non-UCI women head out onto the course

Cyclocross - smiling while you suffer

who's got the hole shot?

racers and spectators

glad to be finished

the original tall bike, leading out the UCI elite women's race

Sue Butler leading the UCI elite women's race

Butler and team-mate Kathy Sherwin at the barriers. the two would finish 1st and 2nd in the order shown here after a back and forth race

Ryan Trebon leading the UCI Elite men's field. in second is Sid Taberlay and behind him, the Rabobank rider is Adam Craig, who would end up winning ahead of Trebon, with Chris Jones in third. in the photo, i believe that is Jones in fifth position

You can watch the "best of slideshow" here:

UCI Los Angeles Cyclocross 2010 from Michael Wagner on Vimeo.

or look at the longer album slideshows below which are broken up into waves:

UCI elite men
UCI elite women
Wave #2 (Mstr men 45+, 55+, S.S. women) There may be some overlap of riders warming up for Wave #3 - if you see something glaring like that let me know please so I can correct.
Wave #4 (S.S. A & B, non-UCI women cat. 1, 2, 3, 4, Masters women 35+ and 45+:
Wave #5 (non-UCI men 1,2,3, Masters men 35+)

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