Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spare Time Design: A Bike Transit Station...

Just for the heck of it, I will have some free time and doodle up a little concept drawing of something or other. A few years ago (I'm guessing it was that long ago) I did a little bike transit station, envisioning it situated at a corner of an intersection. Regardless of the design, would it not be cool to see such a thing at various corners in urban areas, much like you see gas stations today. Kind of a blast to the past, thirty years ago anyway, this would be a full-service station, with a manned kiosk/shop able to make repairs, or perform maintenance, while you walk over to your nearby office. Your bike would be ready at the end of the work day, for the ride home. Saw something similar in Long Beach once, though not at a corner location, but same general idea.


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  2. It will be a great work if it is put up practically. I think its an innovative idea and seem to combine technologies quite nicely. Looking forward to more updates.
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  3. Cycling is not only a good mode of transportation to the near by places, but also a very good exercise too. In addition to this, cycling also supports nature by reducing pollution. More people opting for cycling, the more good it is for the environment.


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