Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Golden Sport Zebrakenko in Baby Blue...

The longer I am around cycling, the more bicycle manufacturers I discover, and which I was previously unfamiliar. Such as this one - Golden Sport Zebrakenko. The interesting headbadge at first suggested, to me, that the company was perhaps of European origin, what with the lion and the crown. But no, apparently Golden Sport Zebrakenko was/is a Japanese company, formed in 1901. During the big bike boom in the United States of the 1970s, it became profitable enough for many overseas manufacturers to begin importing here, and in about 1974 Zebrakenko got in on that action as well. I have seen one reference that the company ceased exporting to the US in the mid-80s, but this is all hearsay, and I am yet to find anything really substantive about them. At their peak, the company produced about nine different models with names such as 'storm' (the model shown), 'thunder', 'lightning', 'wind', etc. This particular one is a nice, solidly-built steel beauty, very small (48 I believe). It will be interesting to see how the guys at the Velo will build it up, and hopefully I can snap some more photos before it's gone.

Hope all my readers have a terrific Thanksgiving Day and long weekend (assuming you have one). Get out and ride; I will hopefully wake up in time for the Psycho-lists ride in the morning, and I can't think of a better way to start the day.



  1. My dad has this same bike that was taken apart by movers 30 years ago and it hung out in our many garages for the same amount of time. I just had it fully restored and it looks great. An awesome piece of bicycle history. All original parts.

  2. I just got a Golden Sports Zebrakenko "Thunder" given to me, really sweet shape. Probably gonna fix it up and sell it. good alloy cranks, suntour derailleurs but steel rims so I guess it is a medium range bike for them. Looks to be all original with no rust. Nice color blue. Hoping to find someone who can appreciate it for what it is.

  3. I have a blue GS Zebraqkenko which I bought in 1980 road it as a touring bike and raced with my Colnogo. Not sure which model it is but it has shifters on the end of the handle bars (barcons) and 4500 Chrome/moly frame. It appears to be 58 frame. At 6 ft I had to streach to ride. If someone in Phoenix area would like to purchase it I would be willing to sell it.

  4. Zebrakenko is a legendary Japanese bike that is overlooked around panasonics and Fuji's. The nicer models will smoke any Japanese bike from the late 70's to mid 80's era. I have a 79 with some upgrades. Great road bike.

  5. I bought my Zebrakenko in New York City (1981), I think the store name was Bicycle Habitat down on Lafayette Street. Beautiful bike, mine was a 5 speed. Perfect balance, three steps pedaling and I took my hands off the handlebars and rode. To me, it was the perfect bike. It got stolen when I shipped it down to Langley Air Force Base in the late 80s. I got a few good years out of that bike and wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.


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