Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Do You Think, Claremont Bike Swap?

Semi-good minds were pondering weighty matters over at the Claremont Velo today. I had stopped by to catch up on various bits of dirt and, of course, check out any new C&V that happened to be showing (I will have a post about a beautiful Pinarello for you tomorrow), when I asked Dale whatever happened to his idea to hold a bike swap? One thing led to another, and those things, in turn, led to this post. I am putting some feelers out here, to see what kind of interest there may be for such a thing as a Claremont Bike Swap and Autumn Tweed Ride. The swap meet would be sponsored by, and held at the Claremont Velo, Worlds Smallest Bike Shop in the morning and early afternoon hours, and would be followed by the Second Claremont Tweed Ride. I agreed to take on some organizing duties. There have been some great swaps recently in Los Angeles and San Diego; we need a local one so that we can all sell something old and/or buy something new, just get some extra cash for the holidays, or clear some space around the house. Like most swaps, there would be a small seller fee, with prices for premium spots in front of the store being a bit more than the spots behind the store. Both the swap, and the ride are likely to take place on a Sunday. I can't tell you much more right now - details still need to be worked out.

Whether or not this thing becomes a go, may depend on the response we get so, if this sounds like it would be of interest to you, either the swap or the ride, or both, take a moment to answer the quick poll located in the column to the right. And if you have a semi-good mind, or a great one for that matter, and have something relevant to say about all this, you are more than welcome to leave a comment here.

Update: So this thing is a go! Just not a go before the holidays. Most likely Stuper Bowl Sunday in January, since that is when Tweed Ride 2010 was run and it had a good turn out. I will put together a little flyer when the date is finalized. We are thinking $20.00 for a full size space in the parking lot at the Velo, for those of you who have a load of stuff to sell; if you just have a few things and don't need a full space, $5.00 to sell. Ride will follow the swap, and you will still have time to head home and watch the game if that is your thing.


  1. I would be down for both and maybe even help with planning. Keep me posted.

    Swap Meet - I would be a buyer though, not a seller.

    Tweed Ride - Planning and riding

  2. Thanks Jason, I will keep you in the loop as things develop.


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