Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Lance and Tyler Show, and so much more...

Any one not hear about it yet? Even the Los Angeles Times paper edition had a little blurb on it this morning. I have no idea how the events of the evening unfolded, and it quickly turned into a he said, he said donnybrook with the retellings changing every hour, or so it seems. These guys are not going to be doing any social rides together any time soon, so how do they end up at the same restaurant in the overpriced little burg, currently known as Aspen? How many paths of fate had to cross for this meeting to take place? Reminds me a little too much of a soap opera; a Hollywood script couldn't get any better. Cycling is, of course, not alone in this sort of in-fighting, and I have given up on the professional ranks of pretty much every other sport with which I have had an interest.

Unfortunately the mainstream media will latch on to this, spin it for all its worth, and the degradation of the one sport I remain true to will deepen. I wish I had something more to say, something prophetic maybe, but realistically, what happens at that level of the sport has little impact on me, will not dramatically sway my opinion. I will still look at racers climbing L'alpe de Huez with amazement, knowing what it takes to do so. I may categorize individuals in a new class of idiocy, but when the circus pulls out of town at the end of the day, the road is still waiting for my bike and I, and my pedals will turn the same as they ever did. Maybe in the end, I and all the others who never will make it to the top levels of the sport, have it lucky. We will never be faced with decisions which might compromise our integrity; we can compete without those pressures, hang up our bikes at the end of the race, and get on with the rest of our lives. We are able to compartmentalize our cycling as one of numerous activities which fill our days; professionals don't have that luxury.

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