Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Majestic's Upgrade Criterium Series...

I made a quick stop by the Upgrade Crit at the Citizen's Business Bank Arena, in Ontario, just long enough to see the Junior's finish, the Women 3/4 race and some of the Men's Cat 4 race. It was about what you would expect from a parking lot criterium. Course marked with cones; seemed to flow pretty well, except for one s-turn which seemed like it could be a bit sketchy until things became stretched out. It took out one Cat 4 rider, and then a couple more a little way back who it seemed to, in the immortal words of Phil Liggett, go down in sympathy. Local teams were predominant, especially Majestic/Coates and Team Redlands, though there were plenty of others as well. The Cat 4/5 race was probably going to be the largest of the night, about 60 racers. Unfortunately no Master's categories, and Juniors start at 15 years (my son wanted to go, but that left him out), but if you are around, it might be a decent every-other-Tuesday training option.

1-2-3 for Team Redlands in the Juniors race

the Women's race was all together for a few laps,

then there were two,

and finally one, who lapped the field. strong.

Men's Cat 4's weaving through the s-turn

ouch. rolled his rear tire

And here is your link to the rest of the photos.

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