Wednesday, April 18, 2012

City of Pomona Bicycle Master Plan...

Good to see that the region's largest city is beginning to take improvements for bicycle transportation seriously. The creation of a bicycle master plan is a key step along the path toward allowing people the opportunity, and perhaps more importantly, the encouragement to break free of the trap of motor dependence. Anyway as we know, to be truly effective, a bicycle transportation network must transcend municipal borders - does anyone travel within the limited confines of only one city? Unlikely. Even if cities develop their own independent bicycle master plans, they are unlikely to do so in a vacuum, and must consider connections to adjacent areas. So, whether you are a Pomona resident, or pass through or spend time in the city, let your voice be heard. Attend the meeting if you can. Another good option, if you can't attend, is to join the new Pomona Valley Bike Coalition, the local chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, and voice your concerns through them. The PVBC has a Facebook page which you can find here.

to be continued...


  1. thank you for all the support and kind words michael, so glad to see your blog continues to grow
    much love to you to the other side of our beloved state

    best xxomeli <3

  2. You deserve all the kind words I and, I am sure, all your bloggy friends have sent your way, Meli. Thank you.


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