Friday, April 6, 2012

Springtime on the River...

"O what a bursting out there was, 
And what a blossoming.
When we had all the summer-time
And she had all the spring."

Plenty of mustard around, but that is not what all that yellow is in this case

According to the calendar, Spring began about three weeks ago, but somehow it does not seem official until Spring Break has arrived. However you choose to mark the occasion, nature will do so in her own terms, as she sees fit. The San Gabriel River Trail (SGRT) was alive today with signs of Spring - riders of all kinds, solo like myself, trios in pace line rotations, big groups of fixed gear riders, and many families. Wildflowers are in bloom everywhere, bees are buzzing, and some of the dry stretches of river have water in them again.

Yeah, water in the river again

Whether it is one agency, or multiple one, who have been involved with the infrastructure improvements, things are looking good. You may already know of the repaved section in the Whittier Narrows; further down in Long Beach, construction is still ongoing and the path is still closed (a short stretch at El Dorado Park has been reopened, but is still in need of striping). The rest node with exercise course at Madrid Middle School in El Monte is nearing completion, some bone jarring transitions (you will pleasantly notice them when you realize you no longer have to bunny hop the uplifted asphalt) are very welcome, and the new traffic signal at the rider/pedestrian crossing below the Santa Fe Dam is almost ready to make things safer for kids and families to cross Arrow Highway.

brought his tall bike out to test the freshly paved, and smooth
portion of path adjacent to El Dorado Park

many riders, including this big group of fixes took to the channel bed to get around the construction

used to be a hellish bump here

Madrid Middle School rest node with fitness equipment

new traffic control below the dam

If only I had ridden as well as the day was beautiful - I was far too drained for a sixty mile ride than I should have been. Anyone who guesses the name of the poem and the author of those first four lines at the top of the post, wins - something.

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