Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Quotable Links...

1. "... throngs of fans gathered at Madison Square Garden to watch cyclists pedal for days in competitions punctuated by terrific crashes." - $40,000,000 donated to help revive the athletic spectacle that is bicycle track racing in New York. Any cyclists in the I.E. with that kind of money? We could use a velodrome too.

2. Talking about the Figueroa corridor between the campus of USC and downtown Los Angeles, a brief look at the off-again, on-again plan to "... make the corridor an ideal location to reprogram streets as a public hub." After more than sixty years of single modal planning, the all-or-nothing planning favoring the automobile, it is heartening to see the Los Angeles is finally beginning to see that it just does not, and never can, work and is taking serious looks at multi-modal complete streets for answers to transportation problems.

3. "... because he's Philippe Gilbert ... he could wear a bucket on his head and I'd still have a man-crush on him."

4. "The next best thing to this custom ride would be actually riding a bike to work." They are serious too. 


  1. Michael,

    AEG is the operator of the Amgen Tour of California.

    AEG has an (I believe) brand new under-utilized indoor arena in Ontario.

  2. Citizen's Business Bank Arena? I've been a couple times. It's pretty nice inside with an ocean of parking around it. Lots of space.


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