Monday, April 9, 2012

Susanna Schick Hit & Run Fund...

News travels far and fast these days, and you have likely already heard about the hit and run assault against Susanna Schick which occurred in downtown LA over the weekend. Ted Rogers reported it early Sunday at BikingInLA, and I left a quick comment at that time, but just now realize a fund has been established to help with medical expenses. I am sure you already know how I feel about the kind of scum who would intentionally run down a cyclist (or pedestrian for that matter) - they don't deserve to share the same space in society as the rest of us. That aside, we all know how burdensome medical expenses can be, and if you are able to help I am providing the link to the Susanna Schick Hit & Run Fund here. And again, I hope that Susanna Schick is able to make a full physical and emotional recovery. 

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