Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kona Ute...

I had an opportunity to give this a short test ride at Coates this past Sunday. I have been giving a lot of thought lately to finding a cargo bike and I can think of many errands that could be run with one of these. It was pretty nice at the low speeds I was riding at, and of course the bag was empty. The real test would be how well it handles under load since that after all is what this bike is all about; it is a workhorse pure and simple, and hauling stuff would be it's one and only job.


  1. Oh oh! I have one!! And I love it!

    It can tip side to side easier when loaded, of course. The only way to totally avoid that is a trike or a madsen-style bike, I think. But to me it was a great compromise as compared to, say, an extracycle. That was a bit MORE cargo bike than I wanted. The Ute strikes a good balance between cargo bike and regular bike. I ride it often without the panniers loaded just for fun because I love the squishy balloon tires.

    One great thing tho -- once you're upright and moving, it's actually very stable. Momentum is everything!

  2. Thanks. Kind of confirms some reviews I have read. I had been considering a cargo bike for some time, was really excited when I saw it at the shop and immediately asked to take it for a spin. Definitely think I would like having one.


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