Monday, June 28, 2010


of bicycle love by the seashore.

So another weekend has come and gone  - another fine opportunity to ride to the coast. We tend to to that a lot during the warmer months; not surprising really, though we are yet to have any really hot days inland. Anyway, it was a spectacular weekend to set your wheels to the SGRT and follow the river to Seal Beach. Past the sand, past the umbrellas sticking out of the sand, past the people playing in the sand, and past the perpetual surf crashing onto the sand, the horizon was almost complete obscured by red, blue and white sails. Not sure what the occasion was, other than maybe it just happened to be a fine day, but I had never seen so many boats tacking around out in the big blue. At one point they seemed to converge on one of the oil drilling platforms as if in the midst of a wind power protest. On the landside, things did not seem to be quite so crowded - the River's End Cafe had empty tables at lunch, but we opted instead for burritos at el Burrito Jr., and savored them while sitting at the park across the street. This is a great spot for people and bike watching, being right at the end of Main Street and the pier, there is a continual tide of riders coming and going, ebb and flow.

I see sailboats

riding left to right, and

back again, but what happened to the basket?

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