Friday, February 18, 2011

Citrus Regional Bikeway update...

Beginnings may not always look like much, but hopefully they presage great things. For the past couple days work along Bonita Avenue (the future Citrus Regional Bikeway) through Claremont has looked a lot like this:
Not much really, markings on the pavement, digging and utility work has signified the start of the construction phase. Bonita is already a prime route into Claremont for cyclists; once the Bikeway is complete, I expect people will be hard pressed to find a valid excuse to not ditch the car in favor of a bike ride into the Village.


  1. I saw the paint and wondered what was going on. This is great! Bonita will be significantly safer to ride. To whom do we owe thanks for this and the new racks?

  2. I believe both the racks and the bikeway are projects of the Bike Priority Zone. A lot of city staff as well as volunteers of the Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee would be behind that. And then of course the city council for approvals, though I am not sure how many of the current council were in office when the BPZ was formulated.

  3. Mayor Pro Tem Sam Pedroza is a huge cycling advocate and has been pushing for more bike oriented development such as the Bicycle Station, the BPZ, Citrus Bike Trail, Safe Routes to School and extending the Thomson Creek Trail to the San Gabriel River.


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