Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finally, the Bud's Ride...

For the second consecutive evening I found myself being pummeled by the peloton. Yes, after living for some eight years in this fair bug known as Claremont, I finally made it out to the Bud's Ride. Eight years. That is long enough to have actually spent money at the Bud's, from which the ride derives its name. But not so long that my, by now collectable, socks have deteriorated during the passing years. 

Anyway, good ride, I think it will compliment my weekly night at the Rose Bowl. Tuesday night, just pure speed, and Wednesday fast, but with varied terrain thrown in for good measure.


  1. I forgot about this. I may make a trip or several out there this year.

  2. Next time I will have to look for the socks. I typically like to ride laps and pick up with the group when they come by. Its fast and fun.

  3. Where is this ride starting from exactly?

  4. 5:30 at the Starbucks, corner of Yale and 2nd in Claremont. A lot of people also join in along the way (along Bonita Avenue).


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