Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bike to Hike...

If you are local to Claremont you already know, if you are from further afield, you likely do not. Our Claremont Hills Wilderness Park has become too popular for its own good. As the city ponders user fees as a way to generate funds for the park's increasingly demanding upkeep, residents at the top of Mills (rightfully) decry the assault of noise and traffic, and city staff daily combat the scourge of trash blight. Wouldn't it be great if people could just do what they know to be right, without being told?

For some time now, the great debate has centered around what to do with all those cars. It seems that in order to walk, people must first drive. Yes, I know, it is bassackward. That is motor-dependence for you. Included in the latest plan for the CHWP is the idea of converting some of the existing open space near the park entrance into parking. Parking that will accommodate three hundred vehicles. 300 motor vehicles. What are you going to do? Here is a partial answer:

Two mornings in a row now I have seen this gentleman riding up Mills to the Wilderness Park. Wears his hiking boots, hiking stick secured in a carrier, self-made from a length of pipe and a couple clamps. Simple set-up, simple answer. Bike to hike. No one wants to discourage others from using the park, doing something good for their health and well-being. But honestly, if you are going to the park for fitness, driving to and from defeats the purpose. Just do what is right without being told.

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