Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Long Beach Cyclocross Races...

Not your typical So Cal Cross today, the rain made sure the racers had plenty of the European, or East Coast flavor, to deal with. So yes, besides the usual obstacles there was also a lot of mud and slick grass, especially in the corners and on the little risers, which turned them into a challenge in their own right. Some photos here, and click on the slideshow links for more.

I think the first wave, the Juniors, may have received the worst of the rain. By the time I arrived at El Dorado Park, at the beginning of the second wave, it was starting to ease up, and before too long, the sun broke through the clouds. Of course no one had it easy as all those churning wheels continued to expand the mud pits throughout the day. Anyway, the second wave consisted of the Men C, CX4, and Master Women 35+ and 45+. Slideshow

Amy Hutner of Herbalife La Grange

Willard Ostrander, men's C victor

Seemed as though a number of racers finished afoot due to broken chains and flats, and unusual number of flats in fact. Masters Men 35+B, 45+B, and 55+ comprised the third wave. Wave 3 slideshow.

Wave 4 saw the Masters A (CX 1-4) race for 35+ and 45+, and the Men B (3/4). If you notice a few more portrait-type photos (close-ups) than I normally take, you would be correct. Muddy faces make for some interesting subject matter, so I hung out in the start/finish area a little more than usual. There are still plenty of race images though in the slideshows, such as this one of the 4th wave.

The Women, A, B and C comprised the 5th wave. Wave 5 slideshow.

one of the few during the day who was able to
ride all the way through the circular sand pit

the gap may have increased some by the finish, but here are 1 and 2 of the
women's A race, Allison Mann leading the way ahead of Christina Probert-Turner

Next up were the singlespeeders. Patches of blue were starting to show in the sky, and the sun was making a few of the mud patches somewhat tacky, less slick. The most vocal of the spectators were congregated at the sand pit, and no one who rode by them was safe from their abuse. All in the name of fun, of course. Wave 6 slideshow.

Amanda Schaper negotiates a tight turn right before the sand pit

Kyle Kelley

Brody ahead of Alan, Brad and Kyle

There is also a slideshow of a few misc. photos here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I raced MT SAC, and was very interested in how the LB CX race turned out.


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