Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mid-week C & V: A Steel Pinarello Treviso...

Pinarello is one of those grande names of Italian bicycle manufacturing, enjoying a glorious history spanning more than fifty years. Among the highlights in the company's palmares are Alexi Grewal's Olympic victory in 1984, Pedro Delgado's Tour de France victory in 1988, Miguel Indurain's five consecutive Tour de France titles, all ridden on Pinarello, follow-up TdF victories by Bjarne Riis, Jan Ulrich and Oscar Pereiro, and the Gold, Silver, Bronze triumvirate during the 2000 Olympic road race.

This 1980s Treviso model Pinarello, while not particularly old as far as bikes go, is never-the-less, a Classic and Vintage dream. It is fully Campagnolo equipped, except for the stem and bar which are Cinelli, though with the Pinarello imprint on the stem. I forgot to check what the wheels were, but obviously they are for tubulars.

The Pinarello Treviso (at the time this one was built) was the company's second tier bike, behind the Montello SLX (the Treviso model is still being manufactured in aluminum). I have read that the Treviso had chromed chainstays; this one clearly does not. I have also read that the original stickers/decals were defective, and quickly flaked apart; many owners purchased better quality ones from the company as replacements, and considering how unblemished these one are, I would assume that to be the case here. This is one beauty of a bike, worthy of a place of honor in just about any peloton or group ride. As is typical, I spotted this one at the Claremont Velo.

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  1. This is a quality bike and it has been well kept during its 30 years.


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