Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From the Parts Bin: Aerolite Pedals...

While perusing Trackosaurus Rex's Flicker pool photos from the San Diego Custom Bike Show, I noticed one of a bike with Aerolite Pedals. I bought a pair of these pedals in the early 1990s from the Highland Park Bicycle Doctor when I was doing their Saturday morning shop ride. The boys had just started selling them, and since they looked incredibly light, I thought I would give them a try. 

Incredibly light they were/are, also simple and easy to use. One way in, one way out; press down with your weight to get in, and then roll your foot from inside to outside while lifting to pull out of them. It was this simplicity that ultimately caused them to loose favor in my eyes - that one way in, one way out thing. With other pedals you twist your foot to exit, and if you should find yourself hitting the ground you are almost guaranteed to disengage post haste. I never had that same reassurance with these. 

The cleat fit surprisingly snug onto the pedal cylinder, and you could unleash a massively ferocious sprint without worry of unclipping. This also made them difficult to get into at times for skinny riders like myself, requiring a lot of weight and downward pressure to click into. Anyway, there you have it: Aerolite Pedals. One of those things I have kept all these years, but have not used since buying them. Tracko wondered what the cleats looked like, so maybe this post will get back to him.


  1. How much do you want for them. Mine are almost warn out?


  2. Are they not being manufactured anymore? They still have a website. I will keep you in mind though.

  3. They only make titanium mine are the original steel version

  4. Hi, I have a steel spindle pair from the mid '80s. Right sleeve let go of the spindle the other day. Any service solutions?


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