Saturday, January 15, 2011

Seal Beach Project 1...

I have had this idea for a while to find a spot that has a lot of bike traffic and take a photo of everyone who rides by within a set period of time. I am not sure why but, with the weather as perfect as it has been, I decided to give it a go today, at the end of the San Gabriel River Trail in Seal Beach. I set up at two locations, first, the absolute end of path next to the Rivers End Cafe, and then at the gate where the path has to cross Marina Drive. I couldn't decide on the right angle for the second spot, and played around with a couple different angles until finally settling on one. Anyway, I spent 30 minutes at each spot, with photos of well over 200 riders.

Seal Beach Project 1 from Michael Wagner on Vimeo.


  1. Interesting project. Thanks. I wonder how different the riders would look at the Encanto Park bridge.

  2. Nice project Michael!
    You turned a beautiful day memorable.
    Great talking to you that day


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