Saturday, January 1, 2011

My tool box...

One of the blogs I like to check into on a regular basis is Cycling Art Blog. The master of that domain often posts about vintage cycling - everything from riders in the pro peloton, the races they were in, equipment, bikes, and lately, I have been noticing, tools. This got me to thinking about my own toolbox. Our tools are not at the glamorous end of cycling; no, they are at the other end, the gritty, greasy downright dirty end. But without them, how would we keep our wheels spinning smoothly. When undertaking any little bit of bicycle maintenance, or anything a little more complex, having the proper tools at hand will make all the difference.

I don't have one of those useful boards on my garage wall to hang up all my tools, so that they are easily visible, and within reach. Instead, I just throw them all into a tool box. I use an old ammunition box, which can be found at pretty much any surplus store; they close securely, and are essentially waterproof. I throw all sorts of rogue cycling stickers on it, that way there is no question as to its purpose. Lets look inside.

The only bike-specific tool I have encountered that did not fit in the box are chain whips. Everything else, from cone wrenches, spanners, third-hand tool, chain-breakers, crank-pullers, etc, as well as spare parts and other accessories fit nice and snug inside. Most of my larger tools, and some smaller ones, are shown here. I will do another post on the ones I consider to be especially useful, and the ones that are essential.

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  1. Nice surplus ammo box big enough to hold the large chainring ...brilliant!
    Ha ha I like Mr Potato head...



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