Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stupid things...

Human beings, in both individual and group forms have a long history of making ill-advised decisions and actions. Some of these are small in scale while others are monumental. The repercussions of these decisions and actions may at times result in embarrassment, ripped clothes, torn skin, or tragically and unfortunately far worse. As a result municipalities, public agencies and other such entities sometimes find it necessary to enact regulations or devise various constructions in an attempt to prevent people from doing stupid things.

Today's example of one such construct comes from the San Gabriel River Trail where these little wing fences were constructed to the tops of each check dam wall in order to keep people from walking all the way out to the end of the wall. Keep in mind that there is no other fencing along this portion of the river, between the bike path and the river, to limit access. What sort of stupid thing preventers have you come across while out riding?


  1. My fork has little tabs that will keep the front wheel on if I fail to tighten the quick release sufficiently. I see them on every ride!

  2. That's right, another good example.


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