Monday, May 14, 2012

All About the Bike: Art Walk Pomona...

PVBC - Ride On

Well, perhaps all about the bike is a bit of an exaggeration, but they sure figured prominently during the Art Walk at the Pomona Arts Colony this past Saturday. There were riders zipping around on fixed-gear bikes throughout the evening, some custom cruisers were parked outside local feed boxes, and some vintage Schwinn's looking for new owners. On Second Street, at the west end of the Arts Colony are a few galleries and art spaces, set off a little from the main throng. One, Gallery 611, had a bike exhibit, while a couple others - Twenty Miles East and, I think, Foggy Windows, had bikes within the exhibit spaces either hanging from the rafters, or arranged in front of a backdrop. I am not sure it they were actually a part of the exhibitions. My impression was that they were there to draw people like myself in, to look at the paintings and photographs on the walls. That was alright with me. A third space at the west end of the Colony is the Second Street Sculpture Park. This is actually a lot between buildings, a workspace for the artist, and is occupied by a number of large fabrications and sculptural creations, many bike related, or human powered. The second and fourth Saturdays of each month are Art Walk nights, and the place really comes alive, especially after dark. It is worth a visit.

fixies everywhere

one of the galleries at the west end with bikes in the rafters

the nondescript Gallery 611

a peek inside the front door of Gallery 611

2nd St Sculpture Park - 
Pomona Valley Bike Coalition was hosting a bike corral there

a horse at the 2nd St Sculpture Park

the ultimate wheel sucker

such a cool bike rack, artistic and functional

another horse, of course

shadows on a wall

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