Thursday, May 31, 2012

An End and A Beginning: The CLR Effect...

It is time for a change everyone. You may know that I have considered a name change for quite some time now. If you have been a regular reader here, or just an occasional one; if you have been what Google would call followers, or what I called members, I hope you have done so because there was something that struck a chord, perhaps something you found interesting, informative, maybe vaguely entertaining. I thank you for stopping by. I have met many people who have been familiar with the Claremont Cyclist, and even some who were able to pick me out of the moving mass of a peloton, because of this blog.

Whether you are one of the older members, or someone new, I hope you will think it worthwhile to become a member of my new blog - the CLR Effect. I have always been envious of blogs with interesting, creative names like Red Kite Prayer, Twisted Spokes, Cycling Inquisition, Ride the Black Line, to name but four. The CLR Effect is my attempt at a more creative, yet recognizable name. The subject matter will not change; if I wrote about it on the Claremont Cyclist, I will write about it on the CLR Effect. That being the case, you may wonder why change at all; I guess what it comes down to is that I simply wanted a more inclusive name, one that was unbound, one that was reflective of the broad range of my cycling interests. Besides what if I were to move (not that there is any move planned) - there are only a certain number of places in the world where the title Claremont Cyclist would work.

Truth be known, I kept going back and forth on this for some time. It had become quite ridiculous, and in the end it became a matter of just getting it over with. Though all the old posts will remain accessible here (and I will still reply to comments), from this point on consider the Claremont Cyclist closed, and the CLR Effect launched

If you want to know what the title CLR Effect is all about, you'll have to click here, the first post will explain it all. While you are there sign on as a member, it is free of charge, and I won't pester you for anything other than an occasional post comment.

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