Friday, December 9, 2011

Woman on Bike with Jack Johnson Bag...

I was out at lunch today, sitting in the sun, and an especially bright sun it was. None of the photos I took came out very well, it was just too bright, and I couldn't convince myself to get up and move to a better location. It did give me another one of those opportunities to play around a little bit with one of the pics:

From the original photo I cropped out everything but rider and bike, adjusted the contrast, highlights and shadows, which gave me the image above. Kind of interesting texture to it. Then I turned it monochromatic, adjusted the exposure, and came up with something negative-like. The background became more nondescript, while the rider and bike, especially her back with that dark outline, stand forward. Not the greatest photo, I probably would normally have tossed it. Instead, playing with it gave me something with a little interest.

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