Monday, December 5, 2011

Some Signs of Early December...

Was able to get a little mountain biking in today - Marshall Canyon and Potato Mountain via the Evey-Palmer. A spectacular day; just enough of a tailwind to make all the climbing a...wait for it..., you guessed it, made all that climbing a breeze. Alright, no more puns. A good ten other riders had the same idea, and were enjoying a ride beneath the oaks. Even though the nights have been cold lately, there has also been a noticeable lack of rain, so no snow on Baldy, but  there was ample evidence that we have reached the month of December - a frosty rime alongside a stretch of trail in Marshall Canyon, for instance, or the now bare twigs of poison oak. A couple more sure signs are below:

if you can see out over Claremont, across the Pomona Valley to the Santa Ana Mountains from this low in the San Gabriels (Claremont Hills Wilderness Park) it is likely to be December

blue skies and toyon berries - December

knobbies, barbed wire, and Potato Mountain

those winds which caused so much havoc in the foothill communities last week, also scoured unsheltered sections of the Evey-Palmer down to hardpack


  1. Nice photos, nice post. But climbing Potato "a breeze"? Hard for me to imagine...

  2. Come now, from what I have read of some of your adventures, you wouldn't even need a tailwind for that climb to be a breeze.


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