Sunday, December 4, 2011

David Meredith of One Ghost Industries...

I have been following the growth of a relatively new bicycle manufacturing company called One Ghost Industries for a couple years or so now, but never was I aware that a co-owner of the company is current Claremont resident, David Meredith.

There was a terrific article in the Daily Bulletin Inland Empire edition, which thanks to OGI on Facebook posting up a link, I was able to read. One Ghost Industries makes range of mountain bike models, and have recently introduced a commuter model, the Proletariat, which would also make a fine single speed monster cross bike. I really dig that green color Proletariat frame. If you have never heard of them check out their website, or like them on Facebook to keep up on all the latest news. There have been some local demos, and you are starting to see them in SoCal shops (I understand Coates is a dealer, or soon will be). As for that article in the Bulletin, you can jump to it here, if you didn't read it already.

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