Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Cross 2011...

A little taste of Santa Cross on Saturday. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all you crossers. Time to take a break before Crossing into 2012.

there were plenty of santa hats in view throughout the day including this one in the days second wave, master men 'b' 35+ CX3/4, 45+ CX3/4, and 55+ CX1-4. slideshow here.

using a little body english to get through the deep sand

the victor of the master's men 'b' 35+ race

to find out what her smile is all about, check the slide show for the elite women
(hint: sometimes things can be more fun when they go wrong, than when they go according to plan)

the day's elite women's victor, Christina Probert-Turner, smiles at the heckling by the Cadence boys

the day's Junior 15-18 victor, and series leader, Tyler Schwartz of Surf City Cyclery.
more juniors and kids race photos, including podium shots, here.

the third wave takes off in an almost perfect 'v' formation. other photos from wave 3, men 'c' cx4, master's women 35+ and 45+, and the women 'c' cx4 are here.

finally, a podium shot to end things.
notice especially that someone couldn't wait to get at that podium brew.
a few photos from the singlespeed race are here, and some misc. photos here

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