Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Snow, and an Unsolicited Plug...

Look what we woke up to this morning: 

I know it is not the same as waking to it on your doorstep, or covering your roads, but it is usually the best we get. Literally. We still get to ride, while enjoying it from a distance. Anyway, the point is that the morning was cold enough for me to put on most of my winter gear. That meant a cycling cap (just in case there were any lingering drops of rain) and a cycling (Domo-Farm Frites) beanie over that for warmth. It is a bit thick cramming both into my helmet, but I make do a few days each year. 

Now what would really be nice (and while this is mostly directed to those people who know me and may be buying me a gift this Christmas, it could also apply to anyone who knows or loves a cyclist), yes, what would really be nice, would be to own one of these beauties:

A cycling cap with adjustable ear flap all in one. Luxury and simplicity. Fellow cyclist and blogger over at Cycling Art Blog and his [I think, wife] at Galstudio, make these by hand, just north of the border where they know a little bit about cold winter weather. Hopefully someone who loves me will read this and make me a proud and very happy recipient this year. By the way, those top two photos are in reverse sequence; the sky started out cloudy and turned progressively more blue.

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