Monday, December 19, 2011

A Return to Griffith Park...

There was a period of a few years when I lived in Burbank. During those years I could often be found riding around Griffith Park, either during one group ride or another, or solo after work. The Wednesday Night Training Race and the Bicycle Doctor shop ride, both extensively used the roads of the park. I probably rode so many miles there that I knew each crack in the pavement, pothole, or root-raised ridge of asphalt, heck even every newly-fallen pine cone. In the past nine or so years I have only ridden in Griffith once so, since I was there this past weekend for Santa Cross I figured I had to ride some of those old familiar roads. From the Greek Theater I took Commonwealth Canyon Road, Vista del Valle Drive and Mt. Hollywood Drive down to Griffith Park Drive in Oak Canyon, then back the same route. It wasn't long, but I laid down a lot of riding memories along those roads; it was kind of like a homecoming. Some amazing view of the city from up there - take some time these next couple holiday weeks to get some riding in and enjoy the views where ever you ride.

Not sure how this relic from the '84 Olympics made it here

Los Angeles

from the hills to the sea

Burbank and the east Valley

top of the Short Hill, beginning of Trash Truck Hill, curving away to the left (technically Mt. Hollywood Drive branching off from Griffith Park Drive)

I know this point as "Look-back" for perhaps obvious reasons - it's a switchback where you coan look back to see how big a gap you have on chasing riders.

Pinecone Turn with its view of the Valley

The Summit; I think the sprint was to the second gate.

A view of Glendale on the way back down.

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