Saturday, December 3, 2011

Toy Riding, With a Side of Belgian Frites...

The Kevin Unck Foundation, with the support of Coates Cyclery and Claremont's gastro-pub, the Back Abbey (of whom I have previously written), held their toy ride this afternoon. The ride had a good turn out, good enough that we filled the bin twice over. Never let it be said that cyclists have anything other than a generous spirit, and as a result a few more children will have a Merry Christmas. The ride turned out to be a blustery one, the winds choosing this afternoon to reappear. Thankfully though they were not those 75+ mph ones of a few nights ago which knocked down trees all over the place in the foothill communities. A quick 20 mile loop though Bonelli Park, Covina and San Dimas brought us back to Claremont and the Back Abbey, where the staff had cordoned off a section of their outdoor dining area for us. Warm frites, beer and other drinks were soon being enjoyed by a pack of appreciative cyclists. I still don't know what happened to my glass of Delirium Tremens; I guess it got lost in the crowd. Sorry I couldn't stick around to the end; I had promised to take my son somewhere in the early evening. Things were just getting started and I am sure more fun was to be had (as long as you brought something warm to wear).

gathering outside the Back Abbey

just about ready to roll

on our way. heading along Bonita (Citrus Regional Bikeway)
through Claremont

still rolling a bit later in Covina or San Dimas,
i'm not sure which exactly

once again, back at the Back Abbey

good company. some of those generous spirits of which i earlier spoke,
a trio of Psycho-list riders

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