Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pomona Valley Bike Coalition...

Did you know that one of the largest and most active bicycle advocacy organizations (and purveyor of fun and informative rides) in the Los Angeles region, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC), now has a local chapter for all of us on the eastern edge of the world err, make that, county? The Pomona Valley Bike Coalition is the place-holding name of the recently formed and still organizing chapter. If you are at all concerned about the rights of bicyclists, have been interested in bicycle advocacy, or simply want to hang out in the company of like-minded people, this new chapter has a page on Facebook where you can keep up to date on all the happenings, future events, and opportunities for participating by signing in.

I briefly met a couple riders from the group at the last Cycle Claremont ride, they are enthusiastic and looking to get the wheels turning in the Pomona Valley, so to speak. Check out that Facebook page here.

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