Sunday, February 19, 2012

Recap: Cycle Claremont Community Ride II...

Have you ever seen better course markings? The Cycle Claremont

volunteers who mark the course, are the best.

Stand around, talk, drink coffee. What else are you going to do when awaiting the start?

David and his reproduction Pedersen.
He must draw questions of curiosity when ever it is ridden.

It has been so long since I have ridden with anything other than cycling shoes on my feet
Those boots really belong with that Peugeot mixte.

Youngest rider on the day got to ride in style on the front of dad's bike.

The blue sky gave way to a grey one this morning, which made it a little colder at ride time, and may have been responsible for holding the numbers down some from the January ride. Of course there were also a good number of volunteers who were helping out a staging and did not ride. So, between 40 an 50 riders once again toured the Claremont Bicycle Priority Zone; riders of all ages, and ability levels, some who have ridden for decades and others just starting out on that path. There were returnees to the ride, and there were new faces. Though numbers may have been down, there was no diminution of fun. Mayor Sam Pedroza rode with us again, and I was finally able to meet David, owner of the Pedersen reproduction, of which I have previously mentioned.

The lead group of riders heading out.

The kids are alright. These two, getting some activity, in particular.


I should have taken a right side up photo of this chalk art. The ride's resident artist used the steel covers and other objects many times - this pavement persona has a wide open mouth with the word 'yawn' .

Another standout in the crowd.

Once again 42nd Street Bagel provided carbs. Hot coffee courtesy of the Last Drop Cafe was welcome before and after. Jenn make that LaMoyne of the Claremont Senior Bicycle Group provided the homemade chocolate chip cookies. Yum, and thanks. 

If you are looking to step up your game, if you are ready for a new challenge (or have been ready) come out, or come back, next month, as Cycle Claremont is planning to introduce an additional route. The same shorter ride around the BPZ will still take place, but for riders looking for a little more on a weekend morning, a longer route will be added. Check the Cycle Claremont site and Facebook Page for more details as the date (March 18) approaches or, of course, here.

In the home stretch now.

This group of teens from Claremont High School are making a film on bicycle safety for the city, and have been at both rides, filming, taking photos. Awesome, hope I get to see it.

I would like to do a profile of a different Cycle Claremont rider each month starting now; however, I am going to do it (or at least this one) as a separate post. Watch for it, featuring this gentleman, soon (like later this evening).

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