Sunday, February 12, 2012

Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium 2012...

A double-header of cycling today, with the Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium in the morning, followed by day 4 of the Para-Cycling Track World Championships at Los Angeles Velodrome in the afternoon. I will try and get up a post of the Para-Cycling Worlds tomorrow (maybe later tonight); for now you get Roger Millikan. I was looking forward to racing this, but when I got around to registering online it was too late, the field full. Let that be a lesson, there are too many guys doing the 50+ race to let it go until the last minute. So, I was just spectating today. Roger Millikan seems to be one of the more popular crits around, both from a racer and a spectator standpoint. There are always lots of people about. I had just enough time for two races, the Women 1-3, and the Master's 45+, both of which looked very competitive. The women were up first and took a neutral lap in memory of Sherri Norton. The race was tight all the way to the line. The Champion Systems/SC Velo and Revolution/Zoca teams were especially active at the front. At the end it was Revolution/Zoca team rider, Trina Jacobson, taking the win ahead of Hilary Crowley and Shelby Reynolds. More photos of the women's race than those shown below are here.

The Master's Men 45+ race lived up to its fast reputation. There were break attempts from the start, and throughout the race, but it wasn't until the officials started counting down the laps that the break went clear for good. In it were many of the familiar powerhouse riders you would expect to be in it and there was little question that the top six places would come from this group. Today, anyone not in that break, was just everyone else. 

Scott Raymond, Jeffrey Padgett, Thurlow Rogers, John Nist, four
of the final selection

Alan Flores salutes in victory

The rest of the 45+ photos are here. Finally, a few misc photos are here. I had to make tracks after the 45+ers finished up so that I could get to the velodrome in time for the afternoon session, so that's all I've got for Roger Millikan this year.

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