Friday, February 3, 2012

Short Rides, Long Rides and Pincushion Legs...

a week and a half worth of random bike pics - solo, group; road, trail; commute, recreate; it's just good to ride. It is going to be a nice weekend around here; soak it up, there is a lot going on: Big Coates Cyclery ride and Felt Demo, LACBC Sunday Funday Ride, are but two examples.

San Dimas Canyon, nice spot for a picnic

college cruiser

black and blue

blue skies

wheel without a bike

composition at Claremont Graduate University

Tour de France? No, SGRT

Stoddard Canyon, aaahhhh, nice

pincushion legs (more on this, and Stoddard coming soon)

could probably ride this trail daily and not grow weary of it

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