Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dare to Race GP 2012...

Just going to leave it with photos today. As usual you can click the categories for slideshows of each. Oh, and if you happen to notice that slight bluish tint to the photos in the last two posts, I somehow managed to mistakenly press just the right sequence of buttons to put the camera in tungsten mode. Ugghh.

Craig Miller (BBI/SIC Cycling) gives a victory salute

this break held (l-r: Kurt Bickel 1st, David Prechtl 3rd, Frank Scroeder 2nd)

Riley Everett (17-18 group) gives his victory salute

Dotsie Bausch soloed the last laps for victory


  1. Busy Weekend eh? I was wondering all day if you were going to race it.

  2. I was actually well-recovered by Sunday morning.


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