Monday, February 20, 2012

Faces of Cycle Claremont: Peter...

I would like to do a profile each month starting now. Peter is an ex-Claremont resident, who now lives in one of our neighbor communities. He is a former bike shop owner who knows his way around bikes. His vintage wool jersey from the old Mount Baldy Velo Orange CC is what immediately caught my eye. When I say his jersey, I mean it literally, as he rode with the club back in the 1970s. The rainbow stripes are classic, and the back of the jersey has a big patch of the club's title sponsor. I assure you I just kicked myself for not getting a photo of the back. His ride for the day, a Mercian is from the same era, and as you might expect for a bike whose owner possesses such a distinguished pedigree, was in perfect running order. Lace-up cycling shoes to go with the toe clips and straps. So cool. I hope he shows up at more of these rides; just from the short talk I had with him, I had the impression there are some great stories he could tell. 

I have not been able to uncover that much on the Mount Baldy Cycling Club. Howie Cohen's Everything Bicycles website does have a copy of the 1977 Southern California Racing Program, which includes a photo and some general information on the club (such as noting that they met at Harvey Mudd College, that they were sponsored by Nishiki, and that their president that year was Daryl LeVesque). There is also the same for a Velo Orange Bicycling Club, located in Tustin. Considering my love of history, I just need to buy Peter a coffee, sit down, and ask him as many questions as I can think of.


  1. I knew from his appearance that he must be an interesting story, so I eagerly awaited your post about him. Thank you for the story.

  2. And here I was hoping he was someone I could find riding with the GSBG on occasion.

  3. Do you mean CSBG? :) We'd love to have him!

  4. i was in velo orange when it started i was 13 if you would like information

  5. you should check out the Como street ride and the scotch mans ride David whiteheads dad road with them ever saturday. all 70's rides

  6. Hey Kevin, just in case you come back here, I tried to send you an email, but got a message back from the server saying it did not go through - no such address, or something like that. I would certainly like to know more about those early years of Velo Orange.

  7. Peter and I did a lot of riding and bicycle business together.

    Darryl LeVesque

    1. I imagine between the two of you, there is a wealth in stories of Southern California cycling history.


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