Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shoeless in San Dimas Canyon...

There is only one thing wrong with discovering things while out on your road bike.
The kind of things that require you to do a little rock hopping.

You've got to take your shoes off.

When I noticed this structure in the creek bed off the road, near the mouth of San Dimas Canyon, I thought it must be a water gauging station. Since I was recently involved in a project researching some history of another foothills gauging station, I had to stop and check this one out. Later, back at home, I checked the topo map for SD Canyon, and there was no indication of this structure. There is a gauging station further up canyon, near the dam (and noted on the map), so another one here seemed a bit redundant. Water in the creek is directed to a double gate, marked by the steel structure in the background, by a small concrete dam. Not sure what the brick-lined basin in the foreground once was (it is ruined now). Probably just that - a collection basin. You can see a pipe leading into it from the creek. There is a more recent valve and pipe leading away from that gate structure, so this may actually serve some water distribution purpose, rather than used to measure water flow.

Well, it was interesting to me anyway.
Something I saw, only due to the fact that I was riding.

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