Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Upcoming: Laps for a Cause, the El Roble Bike Marathon...

In the coming months you may, if you are a family member, friend, or even a god neighbor, being approached by a young teen, requesting that you sponsor his or her ride in the upcoming El Roble Bike Marathon. Take the plunge and commit; a few cents per lap, maybe a dollar (though I guarantee that will quickly add up). The Claremont middle school has been holding this fund raiser for the Claremont chapter of the American Red Cross for over 30 years now (this years will be the 35th), twice as long as any of this years riders have been on the planet. Even someone like myself, looking up at the 50 divide this year, realizes that 30 consecutive years is a good long time. That longevity speaks of a dedication on the part of the teachers and administrators who organize the event, the riders who set the pace, and parents who loose a night of sleep for the twenty-four hour event.

Not anyone can ride in the Marathon, there are prerequisites (I briefly noted them last year), it requires a commitment from the riders to train, attend meetings and practices, find donors. But there is a lot of fun in all that process as well. In schlepping two bikes over to the school for the first of last weeks two tryouts, I noticed a good sized group of students circling the track, which bodes well. I believe there is one more tryout this week. Hopefully the enthusiasm will build, and momentum will carry into May, when all the preparation culminates. Will new records be set? My son assures me the class of 2012 has some promise, and he will be doing his part. We will find out in May.

2010 El Roble Bike Marathon
2011 El Roble Bike Marathon

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