Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ride It Like You Stole It Criterium 2012...

It was a warm day out at Dominguez Hills for this weekends racing. Warm enough, in fact, that I was actively seeking shady locations from which to take photos.

I arrived in time for the last few laps of the Masters 30+ Cat 4/5/Public race so the slideshow for that one is rather short. There was a very close finish in this race. So then, where shall I start, with the Masters 50+ race of course. My race. And since I arrived ten minutes before the sound of the whistle, I clearly viewed it as a spectator, rather than a contestant this Sunday. True to form a good sized, and strong break rode clear about half way through the race; it gradually fell apart though, even with riders of the Breakaway from Cancer Masters Cycling Team blocking for their teammates up the road. The photos below tell the tale at the end - with Thurlow Rogers about to lose contact, the break, and the race, is about to become a contest between Evan Teske and Roger Worthington. Teske's raised arms tell you who won. Stephen Gregorios, of Team Pinacliffe took third out of the bunch. More of the battle, beside the two below are here.

The women's category 3/4 race pretty well stayed together throughout the race which ensured a big sprint finish was on tap at the end. Tania Satchwell (Team DudeGirl) claimed the victory, ahead of Charity Chia (Santa Clarita Velo) and Kelly Morris (Team Revolution). A couple photos from the women's race below - jump here for more.

The Masters 45+ race, category 1-4 was typically fast, and furious. There were a few break attempts, none of which were given much room to play with, so the race came down to one of those photo-necessary sprints, where BBI-SIC Cycling rider Bill Harris managed to get a better throw at the line to edge out Ronald Groth of UC Cyclery/JW Floors. Powerhouse Evan Teske made another podium appearance, claiming third. Photos from the race are below and at this link.

The women's category 1/2/3 race pulled some fast times around the circuit, and though there were some short-lived breaks, the race was all together rounding the final turn. Team Revolution captured the top two spots, with Hilary Crowley taking first and Trina Jacobson at the second spot. Melina Bernecker of Velo Club LaGrange, rounded out the top three. A couple photos from the race are below, the rest here.

The Master 35+, category 1-4 race was looking to be a barn-burner, or at least fast. My time was up though, and I did not manage to see the finish. A couple photos are below, the rest here.

you know what this photo is for? the end. (Though more misc. photos can be seen here).

Two weeks to SDSR; see you there.



  2. these pics are awesome! :)

  3. Anonymous - things have changed a bit since then. Fun to read.

    Angela - thanks, glad you liked them.


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