Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 El Roble Bike Marathon...

They were there riding, riding bikes of all variety. There were road bikes and mountains bikes, hard tail and full suspension, there were single-speeds (maybe even fixies, I didn't pay close enough attention), mixtes and hybrids. They rode laps around a decomposed granite running track - as many laps as they could within a twenty-four hour period, from noon on Thursday to noon on Friday. Their dedication in this endeavor would raise funds for the Claremont Chapter of the American Red Cross. They are eighth grade students at El Roble Intermediate School. Friends, family, teachers, and other supporters were there as well, to track their laps, cheer them on, and provide encouragement. 

This year's edition of the Bike Marathon was the 34th (the PE teacher behind it has been involved for the past 23 years, I believe she said. She was just as enthusiastic as the kids, that's some dedication). Only students who meet certain academic requirements, including writing a special essay, are able to participate. The riders are split into groups so that there are not too many on the track at any one time, and ride in eleven one-hour sets with one hour breaks in between. In other words while group A is on the track for an hour, group B rests, and then they switch. There is a longer break for dinner, and a tent city on the infield, so that students can get some rest during the night. Even so, lights are set up around the track so that laps continue to be accumulated through the dark hours. I stopped by near the completion of the third set / start of the fourth, and noticed that some of the riders were topping 60 laps for each set they had previously completed. Pretty good. Not to put any pressure on him, but the boy, my son, says he will be gunning for the record next year when it is his turn to give it a go.

if you think that guy on the left looks rather old for a student, you would be right. my understanding
is that he is a former student who came back to surpass his old mark

Awesome cause everyone. You all deserve a round of applause, at least, for your efforts. 

All photos on photobucket.

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