Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bike to Work Day in Claremont...

Went a little out of my way on the ol' ride in to work this morning in order to stop by Claremont's historic depot where the Bike to Work Day pit stop was located. Organized and funded by the City and Metro; the Claremont Senior Bicycle Group (very active club, I see them riding around all the time) were actively hosting, greeting everyone who pulled up. Morning commuters could partake of the usual breakfast treats, coffee, or pick up some packages of Gu and Mojo Bars. Metro was there, and at their tent you could pick up the Metro county bike map, or handy pocket guide. Little patch kits were also available.

I ended up hanging out for about a half hour, much longer than I had planned. Some familiar faces rolled in, or were already there, but I also met some new folks. Usual talk about bikes, routes, commuting, infrastructure plans, etc. Glad I made the morning detour. Eventually all good things must end, and I could hear work calling me from the office, and I had to say goodbye. As I rode away I glanced along the side streets and noticed more people riding in to take my place. I expect the rest of the morning continued along those same lines, with riders coming and going, grabbing a quick coffee or bite to eat, chatting a bit, and then continuing their own commutes.

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