Tuesday, May 11, 2010


for the story to the below Ghost Bike. Explain to me again how someone just drifts "off the road for an unknown reason". Hello...DMV, are you awake... anyone? You have given a license to kill to someone who 1. cannot control his vehicle, and 2. does not seem to be aware of what he is doing when he is doing it. Apparently, and thankfully, the OC Register has removed the disgusting "blame the victim" comments. I do not think I will ever understand why there is not more widespread outrage over these incidents. Just because a cyclist has lost his life, does not mean this is solely a cycling concern - it is a societal concern. This driver could just as easily have drifted the other direction for an unknown reason, hitting a car head on instead. Indeed most crashes involving cars are with other cars, not bikes, not pedestrians. Getting and keeping people who cannot, or will not, take driving seriously off the roads benefits everyone, not just cyclists.

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