Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the League of Bicycling Voters LA...

held their first meeting this past Saturday, May 15. A brief on the meeting is here , their web-page here , and Facebook page here . No, I was unfortunately not in attendance, but as a person who has lived and biked in Los Angeles County for most of his life, I am well aware of how much needs to be done to benefit active transportation, and how much can be accomplished with a concerted effort. Whether you ride a lot and are already aware of deficiencies in local active transportation systems, or only ride a little because you think the streets are just not safe as they are currently organized you may find it worth following and / or participating as a member of the LBVLA. Now if we could just get them to bring a meeting out to this not-so-far-flung corner of the county.

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  1. Thanks for the support, Michael.

    Where and when to hold the LBVLA meetings is a real problem given the size of the county. We set the date and location of the first meeting largely because we had an opportunity to get lecture hall at UCLA, and thought it would be convenient to riders in the Valley and the South Bay. But the limited turnout would tend to indicate it wasn't the right choice.

    I intend to ask the members of the Facebook page and Google group where they'd like to see the meetings, and whether weeknights or weekends would work better.

    As we go forward, we're planning to build a secure website that will allow us to hold votes online and cut the need for actual meetings to three or four a year. But maybe we can make the next meeting a little more convenient for riders on the east side of the county.


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