Sunday, August 15, 2010

Case of the disappearing bike racks...

In April I posted about how new bike racks were popping up around the Village. Two of these were replacements for older racks, but one was completely new, and I thought cool, more bike parking. Well in June, or maybe early July the city completed sidewalk improvements in the Village, during which process benches and bike racks were removed. Over the past two or three weeks new benches have been reappearing, but no bike racks so that there is now a serious deficiency of bike parking along the main drag, Yale Avenue. I am hopeful that this is a temporary predicament that the city will resolve. Just in case, however, does anyone have the number of Magnum P.I., or does he not deal with anything as mundane as disappearing bike racks.
One bench where there used to be two benches and a bike rack.

There used to be a rack here.

What happened to the bike rack that was here? Seriously though, if there isn't a place to secure my bike I am less likely to stop into the local businesses, and no one wins.

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