Monday, August 16, 2010

What good is a bike lane / path...update...

You might remember a post from a week ago in which I lamented the profusion of trash cans blocking the bike lane on Mountain Avenue here in Claremont. Well, this is what I found today:

Just look what the voice of a lone blogger can do; it can move mountains, or at least trash cans. Ha, ha, but no, this photo is from a day earlier than last weeks photo; this one, taken on a Monday, prior to waste collection, last weeks photo taken on a Tuesday, after pick up. What this clearly seems to show is that the problem lies not with the residents, who put the receptacles out against the curb, or even on top, leaving adequate room in the bike lane, but instead lies with the waste management company who seems to let receptacles lie where they will. And this is where they will (Mills Avenue heading up to the Wilderness Park):

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