Sunday, August 22, 2010

A trip to London, and a new addition to the library...

After more than a week in London visiting family, my wife returned home last night. Between the visiting, sightseeing, shopping and what-all she had a grand time. Of course she is aware of this other passion in my life and managed to take some cycling related photos, and I won't trouble you with the multitude of others.

London's cycle-hire was well in evidence around the city.

The younger sister's bike.

A randomly parked bike at the Princess Diana memorial.

These were pretty cool bike racks; they are called Plantlock, and are being marketed for home or at work. Quite attractive if the plantings could be maintained. I like how the simple graphic shows how to secure your bike.

You may have read one place or another, how London is experiencing a terrible bike theft problem. Even so, locked bikes are well in evidence around the city.

And now for my new book, straight off the plane.

Velo: Bicycle Culture and Design, published 2010 in Berlin, by Gestalten, is a real compendium of all things bicycle culture and design (hmmm, that's a coincidence, sort of like the title suggests). Quite interesting, it is mostly photos and captions, the kind of book you find yourself going back to time and again for inspiration, reference, or what have you. Reads well with a good homemade beer from a friend on a hot day.

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