Thursday, August 12, 2010

What good is a bike lane / path...

when it is obstructed? The sad truth that photos like these have been posted on blogs and forums for years seems to suggest that people just don't get it.
If this car was not parked where it is you could continue riding along the Pacific Electric Trail from where I stopped to take this photo and continues, well you know where. The driver was picking up her daughter from the ballet academy in that building at the left and apparently decided it was too much inconvenience to find a real parking spot. The driver would probably not in the least consider parking in front of someones driveway, but hey, this one is just bikeway access, so what does it really matter? This seems like a frequent problem at this location.

Trash cans blocking the lane are almost as common as parked cars. The problem on this street is the elementary school just up ahead, and the intermediate school behind me. There are always kids riding up and down the street here.
I was riding by and had to circle back to snap this one; it's not every day to see a Mighty Met bumper sticker. The LA people who were here in the 70s will know what I mean.


  1. The only way to train people to not inconvenience us with there inconsiderate acts is to make what they are doing more inconvenient than the little bit of time they think they are saving. If what they are doing is illegal you could work on the police supporting you in making it undesirable for them to act this way. If you could get enough public interest in it you may get help there also. Most likely either of these solutions are going to be very labor intensive with little results. How about a public protest with blown up pictures of the offending vehicles showing there tags along with the name and address of the owner and post these at there place of business or work and around there neighborhood.

  2. And she knew she shouldn't be there. When she saw that I had stopped to take the photo she picked up the pace, while staying discretely out of view behind the car. People rarely stop to consider that their convenience may be causeing greater inconvenience to others.


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