Wednesday, April 27, 2011

To draw the bike, one must become the bike...

or something like that. I have noted previously about the banner art for this blog being a little practice board of my mother-in-laws. Adrianne Prober passed away a number of years ago now (more than ten) and we are just now getting around to compiling some sort of comprehensive catalog or her art work, from the large canvases to little sketch books. 

She was an artist in Venice Beach, and Mar Vista during the period of her life when I knew her. Anyone who has visited those areas know that bikes are an ever-present mainstay of the local scene. As such bicycles figure in much of Adrianne's work; sometimes they are prominent, others they roll past in the background, part of the processional of life flowing by. The above ink study is from one of her sketch books, while the one below is a portion from an, obviously, larger canvas work. It is hard to see at this scale, but where the sand meets bike path are written the words, "how long can we keep on rolling?"

To which I answer, "until my legs refuse to turn circles any longer."


  1. Nice. Do you ever go down to the Pomona Arts Colony? I think the second and fourth Saturday of every month the art galleries are open late. I've been wanting to put together a "One Less Car" / Bicycle themed Art Show. I like the art canvas. My friend, Meme, painted this picture for me a couple years ago:

  2. Yes, the Arts Colony is cool. I was over there on one of the Saturday nights in February. Same night that Snoop Dogg was at the theatre so it was really crowded. A lot of bikes around that night too; I bet a cycling show would work.


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